Monday, July 13, 2009

A Classic in Cardiff

Wow... they said they couldn't recapture 2005. Well this was as exciting a finish as it gets. England's ship was sinking all day, looked like they would never quite make it. But they did... and suddenly being outplayed for the past 5 days means so much less, and the teams will enter Lords with the psychological honours round about even.

This was truly one for the ages. Fittingly there were shades of both Old Trafford 2005 where Australia hung on with 9 down, and Adelaide 2006/07 where England were unable to do the same. It was Collingwood and Anderson batting together that day as the time wore down and they tried to hold them off. And it was these 2 who perhaps did the most to avenge that defeat, with the unforeseen fortitude of Monty "Pokerface" Panesar who seemed inhumanly calm. But how the tide can turn in the space of a few mad minutes. Australia will be shattered, with only 3 or 4 days to recover before the next round. One thing that's sure is we're in for more fabulous battles ahead... But have Australia fired their best shot already just as they did in the 1st Test 4 years ago? I can't see how Australia could play much better with the players they've got? England on the other hand...


  1. And amongst all of that, this article delights me that little bit more.

  2. I think England may have done it on purpose just to get up Ponting's nose rather than it actually taking up any real time. They will remember Prattgate and Ponting's suspect temperament. The most amazing thing to me is Ponting's captaincy record being so successful when he is neither a good tactician nor a good leader. I guess the Australians natural fierceness and style of play might not need much managing? But when it comes to close matches that little bit extra at the top is going to let them down like we saw today.